Quasar v1.7.4 released! Lots of new features and important improvements!

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    • feat(Platform): correct false negative on iPad/iPhone which requests desktop view
    • feat(QColor): emit immediately on desktop when starting drag on spectrum
    • feat(Platform): detected if iOS is emulated
    • feat(QSelect): new public method -> moveOptionSelection([ offset ]) – with default offset = 1 #6121 #5768
    • feat(QSelect): Update to “doneFn” from @filter(_, doneFn) to support a second new param
    • feat(QSelect): Allow toggleOption without closing menu, delay call to afterFn and add examples (#6126)
    • feat(QRating): Support for floating numbers through new props: icon-half (mandatory if using floating number model) & color-half #6119
    • feat(QRating): New prop -> “no-dimming”
    • feat(QPage): Send total layout height to styleFn as second parameter #6128 (#6132)


    • fix(QIcon): remove overflow on icons
    • fix(QUploader): max total size issue (#6116)
    • fix(touch): Fix iOS touchend prevent and guard execution of handler (#6115)
    • fix(touch): Various fixes to touch directives

  • Excelent!

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