performace and importing components/plugins

  • Hello,

    The common way to add Quasar components to be available globally in the project is:

    return {
      framework: {
        components: [

    However, some Quasar components maybe used on just one of my project pages in just one child component among multiple others. I import such rarely used Quasar components locally into that child component with:

    import { QTooltip } from 'quasar'


    components: {

    which adds just a little bit more code. Is this approach correct and does it improve performance and memory consumption?
    Thank you!

  • Yes, that is the correct way to go about it.

    Also, if you use the component without the import and have the auto-import feature turned on, you don’t need to add the component to the framework.components property.


  • Moving to Auto import works, BUT only of import.quasar.js file generated in the .quasar folder is DELETED manually.

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