Quasar SSR and echarts

  • Got it working like this.


        boot: [
            server: false,
            path: 'echarts'

    boot file:

    // https://github.com/xlsdg/vue-echarts-v3
    import * as ECharts from 'echarts/lib/echarts'
    import Wrapper from 'vue-echarts-v3/src/wrapper.js'
    const DIEcharts = Wrapper(ECharts)
    DIEcharts.__echarts__ = ECharts
    export default ({ Vue }) => {
      // register component to use
      Vue.component('di-echart', DIEcharts)


      <q-card class="q-pa-sm" style="background:#eeeeee">
        <q-card-section class="q-pa-none q-pt-md">
              style="height: 250px;"
    import 'echarts/lib/chart/line'
    import 'echarts/lib/component/tooltip'
    export default {

    Please confirm if this is a solid solution?

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