scrollToElement with a fixed header

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to setup a page with a scrollToElement . I have not really understood how I should prepare the parent. I managed to obtain a scrollToElement correctly working if the div with “scroll” class is the outer div in the content area.

    If I have a header (where I place the links that I’d like to stay visible) the scroll has a wrong offset.
    I prepared a codesandbox to show the two different situations.
    Which is the suggested solution for this kind of layout/request?

    thanks in advance

  • I solved this by forcing the offset in the scrollToElement function. I subtract the offsetTop of the element that has the “scroll” class.
    So my final working function is:

    scrollToElement (el) {
      const target = getScrollTarget(el)
      const offset = el.offsetTop - target.offsetTop // adjust the scrolling
      const duration = 100
      setScrollPosition(target, offset, duration)

    UPDATE: The adjustment (- target.offsetTop) is only needed if the scrollable element is not positioned. In that case el.offsetTop is referred to the offsetParent that is the closest positioned ancestor.

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