Quasar v1.7.1 released!

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    • feat(colors): add new blend function (#6084)


    • fix(Cookies): has method always returns true #6087
    • fix(model-toggle) prevent falsy hide event on each routechange (#6075)
    • fix(typescript): manage methods rest parameters (#6090)

  • I just did this upgrade: @quasar/extras: 1.3.3 → 1.4.0
    quasar: 1.5.11 → 1.7.1
    @quasar/app: 1.4.3 → 1.5.0

    Not sure which version the change happened, but it looks like .q-btn picked up align-self: center was that intentional? I noticed because after upgrading I have a div.column with a few QButton’s in it and they are now centered when they previously were not.

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