Use no caps on notify actions label

  • Hi guys, i don’t like capital letters on buttons so i use “no-caps” but how can i do this on notify actions label?

              message: this.$t('general.cookieAccept'),
              color: 'orange',
              multiLine: true,
              icon: 'announcement',
              actions: [
                { label: this.$t('general.cookieAcceptRead'), color: 'white', handler: () => { this.$router.replace('/error') } },
                { label: this.$t('general.cookieAcceptYes'), color: 'white', handler: () => { cookieInstance.set('cookie-accept', 1) } }

  • Now i use:

    .q-notifications .q-btn
      text-transform: none

    in sass file but is there a more “correct way” to do this?

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