Quasar v1.7.0 released! Svg icons and icon sets & novelties for QCard, Cookies, QVideo

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    • The star of this minor release is the svg icons support and the svg Quasar Icon Sets. Note that you’ll also need “@quasar/extras” v1.4.0+ and “@quasar/app” v1.4.5+
    • Also, if you’re a fan of the UMD version, check out the new installation tag generator section.
    • If you’re building Electron apps on Windows 10 with dark mode, you should also read this.



    • fix(api): Local/SessionStorage method fixes (#5711)
    • fix(api): Fix Cookies api on the return values of methods
    • fix(QBtn): touchtarget not rightly declared - listeners are still awake (#6017)
    • fix(QTime): Small CSS tweaks
    • fix(ie): IE11 on Win10 requires .q-focus-helper with z-index 1 or else ignores opacity #6004 (#6023)
    • fix(QMenu/QTooltip): Use margin-left/-top to reposition QMenu/QTooltip on iOS when viewport is zoomed to allow transitions #5955 (#6024)
    • fix(QTable): Guard existence of $refs.virtScroll in needsReset watcher #6038 (#6039)
    • fix(QTr/QTd): Fix noHover not being respected when props are missing. Fix wrong on in QTr (#6035 #6037)
    • fix(QBtn): Don’t use highly specific CSS to set button height/width (#6030)
    • fix(QImg): odd behavior when having border-radius (#5662)
    • feat+fix(QSkeleton): Allow QTooltip inside; Fix overflow issue on Safari
    • fix(QSlider): Enforce a minimum height for label to avoid gaps with arrow (#6067)
    • fix(QSelect): Fix check for valid kbd target when in dialog mode and close single select after add new (#6048 #6062)
    • fix(typescript): change ‘Object’ type with more permissive ‘LooseDictionary’ (#6064)
    • fix(QField): Do not float label on empty field with error #6065 (#6066)

  • Awesome, really great work as always!!!

    Question, does QIcon svg support means we can use now the Material Design two tone icons?

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    @danielcoliev Wish Google would actively maintain [its repo] with the svgs on Material Icons. All icons there are at least 3 years old! We will be working on side-stepping their repo in the future in order to supply up to date svg icons. We currently recommend using the MDI svg icons instead (if you wish to go the svg path), but otherwise just stick to Material Icons webfont variant.

  • Thanks for your answer @rstoenescu, will give MDI svg icons a try!

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