Spotify clone for NBC reality show

  • Hey all,

    I was one of the original Quasar users & backers but lost the contract that I was using Quasar for and have been gone for awhile.

    A couple weeks ago one of my clients wanted a web based Spotify clone so that NBC executives could listen to potential candidates for a new song-based reality show.

    They needed it done in like 4 days, so I panicked and remembered Quasar. Happy to say I was able to whip up a very nice looking, fully functional web player in those 4 days and Quasar made everything super easy.

    I can’t post screenshots yet because I’m not sure if it’s still under NDA at this point (unannounced show) but I will post some when I get a chance.

    Thanks Quasar for saving my ass! 🙂

  • Hi Rob,
    If you get a chance to clarify that possible NDA situation, I’d love it if you could post some info on my “Quasar live apps” thread.
    Thanks for sharing a cool Quasar story.

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