Quasarians in Action #13. With the Staff Pick of the Week!

  • Quasar framework team wish you best of luck and happy New Year 2020!

    We would like to thank all of you, our awesome Quasar community. And in a spirit of give and share we’d like to present our cherry-picked community contributions with you. One of the contributions is picked by the team as our “Pick of the Week” to honor who we felt made the best contribution (outside of the core team):

    We are planning the first Quasar Developer Meetup. Share with us where it should be or be bold and organize one and let the community know where.

    Did we mention that we are publishing Quasarians in Actions with 2 weeks delay? At the time of writing this issue, it was the end of the year 2019 and all developers took their well-deserved rest.

    But you, our community members, worked despite this.

    Please share important or interesting contributions, Quasar community news or tutorials and videos. Those which you would like to see in the next Quasarians in Actions via Discord preferable in channels #i-made-this, #offtopic or #other AND tag @Stanislav (EN/CZ-eu).

    Read the answer or add your thoughts to the Quora question on Which framework is better for Vue.js, Ionic or Quasar?

    Submitted PRs


    Staff Pick of the Week gregveres submitted a PR new instructions for windows users which improves installation instructions for the Android Studio for Cordova based apps
    Hari Pravin submitted a PR feat(ui-lang):Tamil Language Support, released in Quasar 1.5.12


    Димитрий Полянин submitted a PR Update fontawesome-v5.js


    Sebastian submitted a PR Change yarn command for cross-env

    The list does not include PRs from the Quasar Core team.

    Quasar Awesome Example Applications

    [mv-go] created Mirrorman Videos - an SPA for a video production company. It is WIP, however, the main functionality and design are already there.

    Front-end is built with Quasar framework. Back-end is powered by Firebase services.

    github | website

    Quasar Releases

    As always you can find all latest releases and release notes in the documentation.

    Quasar Official App Extension Releases

    QIconPicker - v1.0.15
    QMediaPlayer - v1.0.17
    QFlashCard - v1.0.0
    QScroller - v1.0.5
    QCalendar - v1.3.11

    Thank you for your valuable time in making Quasar a better framework! We’ll be continuing this posting of favorites in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

    If you like this aggregation of best contributions and would even like a more direct reception of this information, or you have any other ideas for honoring contributions to Quasar, please let us know in the comments below.

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