the name quasar-framework

  • @rstoenescu I was wondering if you deliberately left out “vue” in the name of your framework.
    Maybe you are also targeting at other frameworks for the future?

    The thing is that when I search on for “vue”, quasar doesn’t come up.

    Nevertheless, it seems that you are gaining momentum 😏

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    Initially when I started Quasar I thought and even architected a two-way binding solution of my own. Very shortly after that, I discovered Vue which was fairly new at the time… I liked so much its implementation that I dropped starting to create my own and embraced Vue. So historically Quasar at its beginning didn’t have anything to do with Vue at all, that’s why no “vue” in its name. Quasar had a CLI, router and an own Ajax calls library long before Vue released any 🙂 The build system was based on Gulp and the CLI contained every package needed to build Quasar Apps (so no need to install those packages from app folder). The UI was made up of layouts and views (but not in the sense they are today)… Won’t go into details, but those were beautiful times too 🙂

  • Renaming is a big step that not many developers take with ease 🙂 Ionic has nothing to do with Angular, yet it has serious popularity 😉
    Of course emphasizing that Quasar is build with Vue should give it allot of popularity boost, as I am sure it did when It was mentioned on a few twitter posts by some Vue related pages 🙂

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    Anyways, I don’t intend to rename Quasar like… ever 🙂

  • @rstoenescu btw, for those who have never read anything about this mind boggling force of nature, here’s a quick intro

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    Back when I was a child I was fascinated about Astronomy. Read a lot and I mean a lot about it. So it came naturally when naming the framework 🙂 Quasars are fascinating!

  • @rstoenescu Then you probably also bumped into topics like quantum mechanics, general relativity, parallel universes, string theory etc.
    I only started reading about this a couple of years ago. And though I only scratched the surface, it has put tiny life on earth in a complete different perspective. Very fascinating.

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