Unit Testing - How to mock $q.platform.is.[...]?

  • Hello,

    I am creating unit tests for my Quasar app via the Jest app extension but I am struggling to work out how I can simulate the user being on a desktop/mobile via $q.platform.is.desktop. As I am running the tests on a desktop computer, $q.platform.is.desktop always returns true, but I want to modify this to return false - how can this be done?

    How can I mock $q.platform so that I am able to expand on my tests cases to include these scenarios as my code is conditional and acts based on the users platform.

    Thank you,

  • Fixed my own issue.

    I created a computed property - isDesktop() - that returns “this.$q.platform.is.desktop”. Then within my test file, I dynamically updated the computed property that then allowed me to test the functionality.

    I defined a factory function that is then called in beforeEach().

    const factory = (computed = { }) => {
    return shallowMount(App, {

    beforeEach(() => {
    wrapper = factory();

    For the test that requires the updated computer property, I then called the factory function and set the computed property value.

    it(‘my amazing test’, () => {
    wrapper = factory({
    isDesktop: () => false