auto close popup and parent

  • I have a page that opens a popup for editing data.
    When I click save/delete it opens a popup ‘Are you sure ??’

      title: 'Deleted',
      message: 'Registro excluído com sucesso',
        ok: {
          push: true,
          ClosePopup: 2 (should this work ?)

    I’d like that when I click de Ok button on the second popup, it closes it self and the parent popup.

    Wifth q-dialog I can use the directive v-close-popup=2, but with the dialog plugin I couldn’t find how to use it.

    If this is not possible, how can I close the first popup ? I can click Ok on the second popup and close the first popup by code, but how ?


  • So you want a dialog over a dialog, and when the second/ top dialog closes, the first one closes too? Like this?

    With the Dialog plugin, you’d need to use the hide() method.


  • I don’t know if that way will work in my case.
    I have a main app, the first dialog opens a component and the second dialog is just a dialog inside the component. The objects are in different scopes.
    I solved like this :

    main app opening the first dialog

        <q-dialog v-model="AtratDados" >
          <cad_atrativos :prop_linha_clicada="atrativo_clicado" :visivel="AtratDados" @evtFechaCadAtrativos="AtratDados=false" />

    first dialog showing second dialog

                  title: 'Registro excluído',
                  message: 'Registro excluído com sucesso',
                  ok: {
                    push: true
                }).onOk(() => {

    Thanks for your help

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