Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

  • Admin

    It’s been an amazing year for Quasar and our community – thank you for being part of it!

    We’ve seen a lot of amazing contributions and i-made-this from our community. This has inspired us even more as we head into 2020 to continue our mission of “write code once and simultaneously deploy as website (SPA, PWA, SSR + SPA client takeover, SSR + PWA client takeover), Mobile App and/or Electron App using the same codebase.”

    We hope that you too had an amazing 2019 and that you are looking forward to the new year ahead. Look to Quasar for more features and enhancements in the upcoming year that will help facilitate your programming endeavors and projects.

    2020 will be an epic year!

    We are grateful for continually being able to help push the modern web forward and to our supporters.

    Best Wishes,
    – Quasar Team

  • All the best to Quasar for 2020! Everyone here wants you to succeed.

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