@quasar/app v1.4.2 released! Many new features!

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    Docs for the new features will get released along with the next “quasar” release (this week).


    • feat(app): Add new Boolean flag in quasar.conf.js > ssr > manualHydration #5903
    • feat(app): New Boolean flag in quasar.conf.js > vendor > disable [completely disables the vendor chunk]
    • feat(app): New flags for quasar.conf.js > build > vueRouterBase & appBase #4840 #5845
    • feat(app): New param (Array) in quasar.conf.js > electron > unPackagedInstallParams #5868
    • feat(app): Bulletproof Cordova and Capacitor modes handling after a git clone
    • Upgraded deps: chokidar@3.3.1, css-loader@3.4.0, inquirer@7.0.1, mini-css-extract-plugin@0.8.1, semver@7.1.0, terser-webpack-plugin@2.3.1, vue-loader@15.8.3, webpack@4.41.3, webpack-chain@6.2.0


    • fix(app): Cordova on iOS - ERROR Internal navigation rejected for about:blank #5901 #4950
    • fix(app): Capacitor does not hide splashscreen even if quasar.conf.js > capacitor > hideSplashcreen is not set to “false” #5915

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