q-form validation: wrong error-position

  • Hi,
    my headline said it all. After submitting a q-form and getting an error, the focus is below the false field…
    How can i customize this? On the Picture: The first wrong field is above “Nachname”…
    P.S: the same if q-form is not in greedy-mode… - thus always below
    Thx - MarkScreenshot_2019-12-19 Anmeldung für Besucher.png

  • Try putting refs on your inputs and call the focus() method for the top most field with the error?


  • Got it working this way… if someone knows: how do i get inputs with erros in an easy way?

    onValidationError () {
    color: ‘red-5’,
    textColor: ‘white’,
    icon: ‘warning’,
    message: ‘Errors…’

      window.scrollTo(0, 0)

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