Quasar Electron App build ajax request issue

  • Hi, I am working on building a new electron app using Quasar and while I am able to run the app in development mode, I am unable to set it up in build mode.
    I am using Axios

    Used electron-packager to build the app it builds successfully but on running, the Ajax Api redirects to " file:///C:/ "

    On development server the configuration in quasar.config

    devServer: {
          // https: true,
          port: 4300,
          open: true, // opens browser window automatically,
          proxy: {
            '/api': {
              target: 'http://localhost:8080/',
              secure: false,

    works fine but on production this doesnt work.

    My app is not code signed and its for windows.

    What config part I am missing.

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