Capacitor and SplashScreen

  • I am having difficulties to disable splash screen in capacitor.

    I added to App.Vue

    import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core'
    const { SplashScreen } = Plugins

    that didn’t do a thing. I also tried to set in quasar config and/or capacitor.config.json but no joy.

    "plugins": {
        "SplashScreen": {
          "launchShowDuration": 0,
          "launchAutoHide": true,
          "backgroundColor": "#ffffffff",
          "androidSplashResourceName": "splash",
          "androidScaleType": "CENTER_CROP",
          "androidSpinnerStyle": "large",
          "iosSpinnerStyle": "small",
          "spinnerColor": "#999999",
          "showSpinner": true

    I have my own component with splash screen, is there any way to disable capacitor splash screen ?

  • Hi. I’m having problems also with the splash screen, but I found the splash screen generated by Quasar may not be the same splash screen controlled by Capacitor Plugin, because adding settings to capacitor.config.json what I get is two splash screens.

    I’ll post here if I found something else.

  • @ramsesmoreno
    file: capacitor.config.json
    “plugins”: {
    “SplashScreen”: {
    “launchAutoHide”: false,
    “backgroundColor”: “#ffffffff”,
    “androidSplashResourceName”: “splash”,
    “androidScaleType”: “CENTER_CROP”,
    “androidSpinnerStyle”: “large”,
    “iosSpinnerStyle”: “small”,
    “spinnerColor”: “#999999”,
    “showSpinner”: true
    file: App.vue
    import { Plugins } from ‘@capacitor/core’;
    const { SplashScreen } = Plugins;
    export default {
    name: ‘App’,
    created () {
    Capacitor.isNative ? SplashScreen.hide() : null

  • Thank you @jadedRepublic for your time. The Capacitor Splash Screen is showing, correct proportion, spinner… bit It still shows a previous splash screen without correct proportions. I can’t figure out if it is something Icon Genie is controlling.

  • @ramsesmoreno Is It showing 2 different splash screens by any chance? I vague remember getting the same error, I just tried a fresh install of Quasar and It work as expected without changing anything

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