Auto Import not registering new components

  • Trying to use the framework: {all: ‘auto’} option. The components that were once registered manually work fine (even if not included in config file). However, the new ones I am trying to use are not registered.

    Dev mode… spa
    Pkg quasar… v1.5.4
    Pkg @quasar/app… v1.3.2
    Debugging… enabled

    Framework section of config file:
    framework: {
    all: ‘auto’,
    autoImportComponentCase: ‘combined’,
    iconSet: ‘ionicons-v4’,

      // Quasar plugins
      plugins: [
        'Notify', 'BottomSheet', 'Loading', 'Dialog'

  • SOLUTION FOUND: Auto import does work, BUT only if the import.quasar.js file generated in the .quasar folder is first DELETED manually.

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