Quasar v1.5.5 released!

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    • feat(Notify): New String prop -> caption (additional optional message)
    • perf(QTab,Loading): Avoid using uid() util for unique ids
    • feat(QSelect): Cache prev values when using map-options – allows filtering while maintaining correct labels for current selection (#5761)


    • fix(QField,QInput,QSelect): for/id labels for SSR
    • fix(autofocus): Use a custom data-autofocus because @focusin is not emitted when an element with autofocus gets native focus (#5793)
    • fix(QSelect): Dialog label for attribute
    • fix(QBtn): Remove no-pointer-events for QBtn and fix IE using active class #5771 (#5800)
    • fix(QInfiniteScroll): Hide loading indicator when not working #5804 (#5805)
    • fix(ie.sass): Small correction on syntax (#5801)

  • Some times I due have issue on that notify message

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