How to use runtimeCaching when building a SSR + PWA app in Quasar

  • Hi ,
    So I’m building an SSR + PWA Quasar app using my custom service worker, following the instructions on how to do so. My static cache worked when I was only building a PWA and just had to define which pages to cache inside my custom-service-worker.js file.
    When I added the SSR mode I saw that according to the docs ( I have to use runtimeCaching inside my quasar.conf.js to specify the URL routes I wish to cache so my quasar.conf.js looks like this:

    The problem is that when I run: quasar dev -m ssr it always seems to get stuck at 95% emitting: stuckemitting.PNG

    Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong?

    Please let me know if you need further information 🙂

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