QInfinitescroll reverse positioning problem?

  • I just copy the official example code but seems like wont stop refresh data , any idea?

      <div class="q-pa-md">
        <q-infinite-scroll @load="onLoad" reverse>
          <template slot="loading">
            <div class="row justify-center q-my-md">
              <q-spinner color="primary" name="dots" size="40px" />
          <div v-for="(item, index) in items" :key="index" class="caption q-py-sm">
            <q-badge class="shadow-1">
              {{ items.length - index }}
            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Rerum repellendus sit voluptate voluptas eveniet porro. Rerum blanditiis perferendis totam, ea at omnis vel numquam exercitationem aut, natus minima, porro labore.

    please refer to the GIF file below
    alt text

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