"Quasar build" times, HRM and local cache.

  • Hello, I am currently looking for a way to either lower build times or serve my application differently.

    I am trying to transfer old HTML+jQuery project to Vue+Quasar. Right now, integration is done in quite clunky way:
    I am compiling the modules inside “dist” folder as a single bundle, and then adding them as script tag inside existing element in old page. Problem is - compilation with “minify: false” may take around 17secs with the “app” itself being only default page (20Kb after compile compared to 800Kb of the bundle (minified!)).

    I am trying to speed up the process by introducing chunks and caching done by HardSourceWebpackPlugin - it lowers build time down to 4.5-5 secs, which is still a lot compared to HMR with 500-600 ms build time.

    Is there a way to serve this app differently while maintaining really small build times?

  • Apparently I found writeToDisk flag in devServer webpack config file - and if you set that too true - you can still include your compiled app as a simple script, but HMR will work even on that page with included script even though there is a development server running in parallel!

    so in quasar.conf.js
    devServer {
    writeToDisk: true

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