App:dev-server now taking 45+ seconds and slow hot-reload

  • Hey guys,

    I began developing using Quasar about a week ago and building a personal project to get my hands dirty learning Quasar.

    Was all going well until yesterday when all of a sudden it now takes a very long time (45 seconds or longer) to open up the SPA on the browser after initial dev-build (quasar dev) and is also being slow when hot-reloading after that.

    Any insights into what I may take a look at to see what could be causing this?

    This is the info from my ‘quasar info’:
    Operating System Darwin(18.7.0) - darwin/x64
    NodeJs 10.14.1

    Global packages
    NPM 6.4.1
    yarn Not installed
    @quasar/cli 1.0.2
    cordova Not installed

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Turns out the compiling and building was actually being very fast still … the issue that was causing the app to open up on browser was that there was a ton of ESLint warnings from different pages/components.

    I disabled ESLint for now and the compile time + open on browser load time is now very fast once again 🙂

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