Quasar v1.5.2 released! New features and fixes.

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    • feat(Screen): Add “name” prop which tells current breakpoint name (xs, sm, …); also add “screen–xs”, “screen–sm”, etc to document.body #5693
    • feat(typescript): enhance typings (#5725)
    • feat(QColor): New props (bordered, flat, square) #5658
    • feat(docs): New page (Style & Identity > Body classes) https://quasar.dev/style/body-classes


    • fix(Dark): Error on switching OS dark mode #5737
    • fix(Platform): Correctly detect electron when running with nodeIntegration set to false #5741
    • fix(QDialog/QMenu): On iOS, components ignore first touch of the screen #5624
    • fix(QCheckbox/QToggle/QRadio): event management when clicked or pressing enter/space (+ consistency) when standalone or in a label
    • fix(ie): SVG is focusable by default in IE. Checkbox and toggle should not receive pointer events inside to allow focus on the outside (#5738)

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