Quasar v1.5.0 released!

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    As if Quasar didn’t already have the fastest rendering components, you will notice a performance bump besides the many new features (including new utils) when you’ll upgrade to v1.5.




    • feat(utils/copyToClipboard): New utils to copy text to clipboard https://quasar.dev/quasar-utils/other-utils#Copy-to-Clipboard
    • feat(utils/exportFile): New util to trigger a file download with your custom content https://quasar.dev/quasar-utils/other-utils#Export-file
    • feat(QScrollArea): Allow keyboard navigation, click on scroll bar to scroll and scroll bar customization #5699 (#5708)
    • feat(AppFullscreen): return Promise; standardize across browsers
    • feat(Dialog): Ability to choose which button to focus (“ok”, “cancel”, “none”) #5671
    • feat(QRating): New prop -> color-selected; New slots -> tip-<index>
    • feat(QDrawer): remove unnecessary emits of mouse events if no listeners are attached #5684
    • feat(QSlider/QRange): New Boolean prop -> “reverse” #5691
    • feat(QBtn): Refactoring to make <button> and <a> consistent (#5690)
    • feat(quasar): add docsUrl to API definition (#4045) (being used by quasar/app v1.3+)


    • perf(quasar): Cache listeners and some directives to reduce number of renders (#5669)
    • perf(ui): Small tweaks to various areas
    • perf(ui): Listen for resize on visualViewport if available (#5676)


    • refactor(ui): Remove obsolete polyfills and move the rest to ie.js
    • refactor(TouchPan): simplify event cloning
    • refactor(panel): Improve panels render method


    • fix(QTable): sort issue (#5670)
    • fix(ie): Replace el.matches with hasAttribute
    • fix(QChip,QBadge): Allow use of label prop + default slot; better slot management overall
    • fix(QToggle): minor issue on render
    • fix(ie): q-btn__content should not get pointer events to allow push to work with mouse (#5665)
    • fix(QBtn): remove unneeded class (inline)
    • fix(QUploader): do not force color on the circular progress element
    • fix(VirtualScroll): Don’t scroll first row of a QTable when the position is on top and there is header (#5697)
    • fix(QForm): Autofocus on elements with tabindex > -1 #5688 #5710

  • awesome, thx for your hardwork.

  • Great work!

  • Awesome! Your development art is inspiring!

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