Cannot install QMediaplayer

  • I tried to install QMediaplayer as shown in docs quasar ext add qmediaplayer and got this error:

    error An unexpected error occurred: " Not found".
    info If you think this is a bug, please open a bug report with the information provided in "C:\\Users\\XXX\\yarn-error.log".
    info Visit for documentation about this command.
     app:spawn ⚠️  Command "yarn" failed with exit code: 1 +1ms
     app:extension ⚠️  Failed to install quasar-app-extension-qmediaplayer +1ms

    Docs pointed to NPM as repository and not YARN.

    Quasar CLI will retrieve it from NPM and install the extension.

  • I found the solution as shown here:

    You have to use quasar ext add @quasar/qmediaplayer instead.

  • yes, when using the app extension, it hooks into the run-time build cycle provided by Quasar to inject things into the build, so you don’t have to do it manually.

    Also, you need the @quasar/qmediaplayer because it is an “official” app extension and falls under the NPM @quasar domain.

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