PHP V8js with SSR & PWA

  • Has anybody managed to run a Quasar SSR+PWA killer combo app using PHP V8js? (With or without Laravel, preferably without)

    Asking as I intend to move from an SPA to SSR+PWA and my backend server only supports PHP.

  • If you can get that PHP extension installed, you should also have the power to install node too. I don’t think you’ll be happy at all with PHP V8js.


  • But it seems doable, just a bit confusing especially on how to integrate this with quasar & quasar CLI:

    I’m asking this because all my backends are PHP. I don’t think I have the access rights to install node.js or to modify my apache config to forward the requests to node.js.

  • Theoretically, you don’t need anything more than an API and a webserver. Quasar builds the rest i.e. the files you get in the build are just HTML and JavaScript. So, use PHP for just a REST API. That is, if you don’t need SSR. If you need SSR, you need Node. Or, build your pages in PHP and use the UMD mode of Quasar. It’s a lot harder to program though/ the developer experience isn’t even half as great as with Quasar’s CLI.


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