Step -1 in stepper

  • <q-stepper ref="steps">
        <template v-for="type in point.check_types">

    After change point.check_types if point.check_types more than be before it, then all steps after their have {data: {step: -1}}


    point.check_types = [{name: 'step1'}, {name: 'step2'}]
    // then rendering [step1: {Data: {step: 1}}, step2: {Data: {step: 2}}]
    point.check_types.push({name: 'some2'})
    // then rendering [step1: {Data: {step: 1}}, step2: {Data: {step: 2}}, step3: {Data: {step: -1}}]


  • @kirills345 Can you please reword what you need help with?

    Also you can format your code with markdown.

    For example:

    console.log(‘Hello World’)

    turns into

    console.log('Hello World')

  • @JCharante problem is that when i add one more step after component render, it has a property “step” is -1 (in data of component “steps”) and i cant check this step.
    result of this problem is on image

  • Admin

    The Stepper has been completely redesigned in future v0.14 and many of its issues (like the one being discussed here) have been fixed by a better design (which brings cool new features too). Stay tuned for v0.14.

  • @rstoenescu ok, thank for answer

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