Use v-money component or directive

  • I use components in my quasar.conf.js all is ok but i know no how to add v-money component or directive in my quasar.conf.js i want to use this according the official docs

    Using third party mask processors docs

    my framework object in my quasar.conf.js

        framework: {
          // iconSet: 'ionicons-v4', // Quasar icon set
          // lang: 'de', // Quasar language pack
          // Possible values for "all":
          // * 'auto' - Auto-import needed Quasar components & directives
          //            (slightly higher compile time; next to minimum bundle size; most convenient)
          // * false  - Manually specify what to import
          //            (fastest compile time; minimum bundle size; most tedious)
          // * true   - Import everything from Quasar
          //            (not treeshaking Quasar; biggest bundle size; convenient)
          components: [
          directives: ['ClosePopup', 'Ripple', 'ClosePopup'],
          iconSet: 'fontawesome-v5',
          // Quasar plugins
          plugins: ['Notify']

  • @itslab3rt the framework object in quasar.conf.js is for quasar.see v-money’s docs on how to install their directive, then to use it in quasar you initiate it ideally in a boot file

  • @metalsadman I think I misunderstood this section of the documentation, I thought quasar already included. Thanks

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