• I expect you knew that someone from Meteor would eventually turn up.

    I’ve looked at all the available frameworks with nice graphics and yours is far and away the most interesting. For several reasons besides the great graphics.

    First is that it’s based on vue, which I am convinced is a React beater, and is independent of the big boys.
    Second is that it’s NOT native. Meteor/Cordova gives me hot code updates, which means that new versions of my app won’t have to be reapproved by the app stores each time. Native apps can’t give me that.

    And so on … But obviously I’m not here just to tell you your framework is lovely, which it is.

    I made a start on adapting Quasar for meteor out of curiosity. I didn’t actually expect to get anywhere.
    I just installed quasar-framework from npm inside my meteor app, imported the .css files, copied the woff files into the appropriate web folders from github clones of the two fonts, and it all worked on a desktop browser.

    Obviously building for Cordova using meteor is another kettle of fish… and it doesn’t work at all, which is more or less what I expected. Can you help with this?

    Basically during the build for mobile, meteor puts Quasar into a file called module.js, and the build succeeds. But even if I don’t import anything to do with Quasar into my app, it still puts its oar in and the app fails in Quasar’s start.js when Quasar tries to set classes on document.body before document.body is there.

    I setup meteor and vue from this example, then did a ‘meteor npm install --save quasar-framework’, ‘meteor add-platform ios’ and a build for IOS. I suppose what I really need is Quasar without the framework!

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

  • Admin

    Hehe. More and more technologies are required for Quasar to support. Which is good!

    I know of the issue you mentioned with Quasar’s start.js. I stumbled upon it for the Electron wrapper if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, don’t know how I totally forgot about it. This will get fixed asap.

    Don’t know if I can help you with this soon. I’ve got a ton of work in various areas 😞
    I do want to help on this though. Let’s see how I can manage some time for it, but no promises!

    Do you think you can give it another spin after the start.js issue is fixed? This would make a nice starter pack… I can make a repo on Quasar Github organization and give you full permissions for it so we can join forces to create this Meteor starter kit. What do you say?

  • @rstoenescu I’d like to help in any way I can.

    So of course I will try again if you can work on a fix for start.js, and certainly I will help you with the starter pack for meteor.

  • Admin

    Great. Tell me your Github username and I’ll create the repo and add you.

  • @rstoenescu I’m mwarren2 there as well.

  • Admin

    Created and added you. Will give you a heads-up after I fix that issue. Feel free to push to the repo. Let’s make this work!

  • @rstoenescu sounds good! Look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile I shall look into the starter kit.

  • @rstoenescu
    I forgot, there are some messages during the meteor build (they’re always the same messages), but they don’t stop meteor from starting or from working on desktop. Something appears to write what look like md5 strings in a couple of quasar components during the build:

    [ ‘- invalid expression: :class="{active: (!mouseModel && model __v3526c1452685d1042a961c804897cdc640f6cca6cdd471b629fbc6de38756ab7>= index) || (mouseModel && mouseModel >= index)}"’ ]
    [ ‘- invalid expression: :class="{incomplete: step __v06909b10feb6b30b0edd6334bda8e34fa4c548289fce08e7d4a98c73f334ef12> stepper.currentStep}"’,
    ‘- invalid expression: v-show=“step __v06909b10feb6b30b0edd6334bda8e34fa4c548289fce08e7d4a98c73f334ef12>= stepper.currentStep”’,
    ‘- invalid expression: v-if=“step __v06909b10feb6b30b0edd6334bda8e34fa4c548289fce08e7d4a98c73f334ef12> 1”’ ]

  • @rstoenescu Actually this last problem probably is not for you. I’m guessing that it’s the Vue - Meteor integration code. I shall follow it up there.

  • Admin

    Feels like some preprocess is messing things up…

  • @rstoenescu I’ve installed a basic starter kit for a meteor app.
    I’ve used a meteor/vue example, to which I’ve added one of your examples and a little meteor reactivity.

    I’ve listed three problems on the README page.
    The main one is the one we’ve talked about (document.body Is null).
    And I’ve experienced two other small problems that I have listed, but to be honest they can wait.

    I hope this will do to start the ball rolling. As things develop I’m sure it can be extended.

    So far we have simply talked about the problems here in the forum. Let me know if you prefer proper issues to be opened or whatever.

    If you need more info about installing onto an iphone using meteor/cordova and debugging or whatever let me know.

  • Admin

    Awesome work. I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Thx for your efforts!!!

  • Hi,

    I’ve came across quasar and it was awesome that it was super easy to work with it. And now I’m working with a concept of Agnostic Meteor, from Lawrence Wakefield:

    TLDR; Meteor working as a backend for reactivity, and the frontend connects with it in a websocket way, using npm asteroid.

    I was able to configure reactivity easily enough. What do you think?

    @rstoenescu awesome work!!

  • @joaopaulofilho Well, thanks for your comment, all very interesting.
    But it’s not very relevant to this post.

  • @rstoenescu On the README page for the starter kit I mentioned a problem on closing the left drawer

    3) In Chrome’s mobile simulator (or when the left and right drawers are hidden) the links in the drawer on the left don’t work properly. The called page flashes for a millisecond and then disappears

    I know where this is happening if that helps:
    Just before the drawer closes, __matToggleAnimate() is called, and window.history.go(-1) takes us back to the previous path because window.history.state.__quasar_drawer is not set.

      if (this.opened) {                                   // 2852
     } else {             // 2863     
          window.removeEventListener('resize', this.close);       // 2864
          if (!Platform.within.iframe) {               // 2865
              window.removeEventListener('popstate', this.__popState);// 2866
              if (window.history.state && !window.history.state.__quasar_drawer) {        // 2867
                **window.history.go(-1);**                       // 2868
              }                                   // 2869
        }                              // 2870
      }                         // 2871

    Hope this helps.

  • Admin

    @joaopaulofilho @mwarren2 Delaying a bit Meteor since I’m already over my head busy with releasing Electron and the new Quasar version, but will get back to this.

    @mwarren2 Fixed the initial issue and will be available in next Q.

  • @rstoenescu No worries !

  • This post is deleted!

  • @rstoenescu Is there a branch I can use to test the initial issue meanwhile? Thanks

  • Admin

    @mwarren2 Use “dev” branch.

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