Quasar v1.4.1 released!

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    • feat(QTable): Improve virtual-scroll event handling #5494
    • feat(QVirtualScroll): Recalculate displayed children dimensions before computing the new interval to display (#5491)
    • feat(QVirtualScroll): More enhancements on positioning when showing variable size items (#5498)
    • feat(QInfiniteScroll): Hide loading indicator when component is disabled (#5505)
    • feat(QSlideItem): Move background color on main element to allow overiding (#5519)
    • feat(QSlideItem): Add “dark” prop, along with easily overridable dark bg color #5515
    • feat(QBtn): Do not fade out QBtn while in “loading” state
    • feat(QTable): no track on the linear progress for a nicer UI effect


    • fix(QDrawer): Corner case where backdrop color doesn’t get properly updated #5492
    • fix+perf(ui): Handling corner case scenario on scoped slots
    • fix(QSelect): Guard $refs.target for existence before trying to focus (#5516)
    • fix(QTabs): Detect changes in tree structure of the internal tabs and recalculate scroll indicators (#5443)

  • could q-tree work with virtual-scroll?

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