Quasar v1.4.0 released!

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    New: QIntersection

    A wrapper over the Intersection vue directive that has been added in v1.3, making your life a LOT easier.
    Also supports Quasar transitions and the full range of options available with the vue directive.
    More details: https://quasar.dev/vue-components/intersection

    New: QIcon custom mapping

    You can now support new icon libraries without having explicit support in Quasar.
    Also, you can remap icon names to your liking, opening up a wide range of possibilities!
    More details: https://quasar.dev/vue-components/icon#Custom-mapping

    • feat(QIcon): custom mapping (ability to add support for a custom icon library by yourself) #5461

    Other new features

    • feat(QTable): grid mode – new props: card-container-class & card-container-style #5449
    • feat(QImg): New prop --> “img-class” for easily applying custom style to the img container #5254
    • feat(QBtn): relax “percentage” prop handling
    • feat(docs): Improve Local/Session Storage docs on how to deal with errors


    • fix(QInfiniteScroll): error / no initial load when initialized with empty array #5452
    • fix(QColor): possible infinite loop in tabs align property when scrollbars appear in QColor (#5466)
    • fix(QBtn): click() throws error when no event passed to function #5469 #5469 (#5470)
    • fix(QTr): events do not propagate #5481
    • fix(QBtn): Change how QBtn type “a” is displayed to behave like <button> (#5484)
    • fix(QSelect): Use the correct user provided tabindex (#5483)

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