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    I have a project that needs to use the Estimote beacons experience. Doing some research, I found a cordova plugin that allows the use of these beacons. I have to say, I am a beginner using quasar and right now, I don´t know how to use this plugin.

    According to the simplest example, to generate a beacon I only need:

    function createBeacon() {

    var uuid = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'; // mandatory
    var identifier = 'beaconAtTheMacBooks'; // mandatory
    var minor = 1000; // optional, defaults to wildcard if left empty
    var major = 5; // optional, defaults to wildcard if left empty
    // throws an error if the parameters are not valid
    var beaconRegion = new cordova.plugins.locationManager.BeaconRegion(identifier, uuid, major, minor);
    return beaconRegion;   


    but when I am trying to run this function, an error is thrown:

    ReferenceError: cordova is not defined

    How can I import cordova in my component? is it possible to use this plugin with quasar?

    Thank for any help.

  • I’ll have a guess:
    import cordova from 'cordova'
    At the very top of that file.
    If that generates an error, you might not have cordova installed.

  • Admin

    cordova global is available by default when you run your project under cordova (so an app on phone/tablet). Will not be available, obviously in a browser. No need to import cordova from 'cordova' – actually, don’t do that.

  • thanks for the help

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