Using hapi

  • hapi seems a really nice framework to me but I also need something to create components and build the view of my website, so I also need quasar. Is it possible to use hapi with quasar? How?

  • To me, hapi seems similar to express

    Seeing as it is a backend, there is no reason why it should not work with quasar.

    Let me suggest keeping your back end (hapi) in a separate folder from your front end (quasar)
    Build your app, and place the result in a static folder served by hapi.
    Mind you, quasar comes with a dev server. So unless you have an api, you do not need an additional server when developing

  • @Credo Hapi is a server framework, it is most used for backend purposes, I think you can use it normally, after you run npm run build, you can use that dist folder and setting in Hapi where is your public folders and vies.

  • But if I use hapi on an already built project, it seems to me that I won’t be able to do much with hapi and still all the routing in the application is actually done with vue-router.

  • You would use hapi/express for the api mostly. And serve the quasar files in a static folder

  • @Credo said in Using hapi:

    still all the routing in the application is actually done with vue-router

    Vue’s (and thus Quasar’s) routing all happens in the browser. It has nothing to do with the server directly.


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