Quasar v1.2.6/7 released!

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    Edit: v1.2.7 released. Fixes a small regression on QBtn from 1.2.6.

    New features for QTable, QSplitter, QPagination and many fixes. Enjoy!



    • feat(QPagination): Add toFn prop to generate html link for page navigation (#5362)
    • feat(docs): Add examples for using QBtn as scopedSlot of RouterLink (#5369)
    • feat(QTable): add support for nested row keys by using a function returning the desired key (#5391)
    • feat(QTable): New event - “@row-click(evt, row)” #4702
    • feat(api): Improve API files on Function props
    • feat(QSplitter): “reverse” and “unit” props; perf improvements #5286
    • feat(QResizeObserver)/fix(QDrawer): Emmit immediately on QResizeObserver creation; Fix QLayout containerized right-side drawer position on a QDialog that gets reopened


    • fix(QExpansionItem): type validation of expandIconClass prop (#5379)
    • fix(QStepper): dot can display too narrow when the title is long (#5384)
    • fix(QSelect): refocus after close (#5387)
    • fix(QTh,QTd): auto-width with cell separator removes cell border #5374
    • fix(QDate): Missed border-color for dark mode (#5392)
    • fix(QTime,QTable): missing correct border when on dark mode #5392
    • fix(QSeparator): misplaced when on vertical + inset on FF and IE11 #5397
    • fix(QSelect): not opening menu on IE11 (#5396)
    • fix(QUploader): Add files button not working in IE11 #5390

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