Best practices for logging?

  • Hi there

    I just wondered how to go about logging in Quasar and/or Vue. I have found very little documentation so far.

    Is there a tested/proven approach to setting up logging to be used in development as well as production?


  • I would like to second this question, and see if the popular logger Winston would be recommended with Quasar (SPA mainly), or something else. In my case, I am beginning to use Google’s Firestore, and I would be interested in the pro’s and con’s of using that resource for log retention. If this logger were to be used, how would it be structured within the Quasare folder / module structure; would / could it be integrated with or employ Vuex? Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated. Thanks, SMS

  • @mboeni nice question. My ideal logger:

    • would be implemented as web worker (it will not be a burden for main browser thread)
    • should write data to local indexeddb and then sync (when online) with logging backend service (because even if not online you should have a possibility to log events and review them later)
    • should have a possibility to implement plugins for example mouse position heat maps, touch gestures, eye movement, browser capabilities etc.
    • the sync protocol should be open so there will be at least one open source backend server in nodejs or python-fastapi and at least one commercial backend with extended analytics etc.
    • should have tons of examples, snippets and demos
    • should have quasar app extension for… something (?) ok - quasar integration out of the box would be really, really nice

  • Also very interested in a good logging solution which implements as a web worker

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