disable qtooltip

  • Hi,

    Is there any smooth way to disable the qtooltip of button X when the button menu is open?

    If qtooltip had the disable directive would be very nice I think and could easily bind it to a v-model variable of the menu.

    <q-btn dense flat no-wrap>
                <q-icon name="arrow_drop_down" size="16px" />
                <q-menu auto-close >
                  <q-list dense>
                    <q-item class="GL__menu-link-signed-in">
                        <div>Signed in as <strong>Mary</strong></div>

    Only way I found is quite ugly e.g.

    • in the qmenu: define v-model variable and @before-show who runs this.$refs.tooltip_ref.hide()
    • in the qooltip: define the ref=“tooltip_ref” and @before-show who also runs this.$refs.tooltip_ref.hide()

  • @elperro88 use v-model and make it false to hide it.

  • true, but then while the menu is open, could also hover again in the button and see again the tooltip

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