QTree Behavior

  • Hello, can I get QTree behavior like Vuetify Treeview when I select “Activatable” and “Open on any item click” at the same time?

  • So you want to be able to select the leaves of the tree (which is called “activate” in Vuetify) and also toggle the expansion state when a node is clicked?

    data() {
       return {
          expandedNodeKeys: [],
          selectedNodeKey: null
    watch: {
       selectedNodeKey(value) {
          if (value) {
            if (this.expandedNodeKeys.includes(value)) {
              this.expandedNodeKeys = this.expandedNodeKeys.filter(x => x !== value);
            } else {
          // TODO: check if the selected node has children and if so, set this.selectedNodeKey to null
          // that effectively makes only the leaves of the tree selecteable

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