Splash screen clarification

  • When the cordova wrapper is used by default a splash screen with their logo appears. In the cordova docs it seems everything points to the SplashScreen plugin for showing a splash screen, but I do not see that it is installed by the wrapper template. If I follow the docs and add my splash image in the res/screen/ios folder and add this:

    <splash src=“res/screen/ios/Default@2x~universal~anyany.png” />

    under ios and run the simulator I see the splash screen. However, my image has a black background and when it fades out there is a white background behind it. I have been searching and finding various suggestions, some preferences some more places to specify a background-color in the html and have had nothing work so far. The SplashScreen plugin preferences do not seem to affect anything even though the <splash> tag works. So I guess I am wondering a couple things:

    • Is the SplashScreen plugin being used somehow by default even though it doesnt appear to be installed? If so, why arent the preferences causing a change?
    • If its not installed, should I install it even though I am already seeing a splash screen?
    • And finally, has anyone managed to have their splash screen fade to black?

  • Admin

    Hi, this is more of a question for Cordova forum.

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