Problem with upgrade to Q1.2.4, Dialog and i18n

  • Hi,
    after upgrading from Quasar 1.0.5 to 1.2.4 two things are not working. Previously i had tried update to 1.1.6 and had the same problems. Any ideas?
    The problem is with a component that is opened in a dialog in a Vue SFC.

    The error message is:

    Error in data(): "TypeError: i18n is undefined"
    data() {
      return {
        typToLabelMap: new Map([ //says error is on this line
          [TerminTyp.TYP1, this.$t("key.typ1")],
          [TerminTyp.TYP2, this.$t("key.typ2")],
          [TerminTyp.TYP3, this.$t("key.typ3")],
          [TerminTyp.TYP4, this.$t("key.typ4")]

    The dialog is invoked like this:

    onClickOpenDialog() {
              component: OurDialog,
              typ: this.typ
            .onOk(data => {

    Second problem is: in the dialog there is a ref to the dialog: <q-dialog ref=“dialog”>

    And he does not see that dialog as well:

    [Vue warn]: Error in mounted hook: "TypeError: this.$refs.dialog is undefined"

  • Found it. Had to add to the invocation: parent: this.
    Now it looks:

             component: OurDialog,
             typ: this.typ,
             parent: this

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