Quasar v1.2.3 released!

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    • feat(api): Add Notify actions prop “noDismiss” example
    • fix(QSelect): Hide focus target outline (Firefox) (#5321)
    • fix(ClickOutside): Disregard events emitted on html elements (#5322)
    • fix(typescript): Add missing definitions for event methods #5328
    • fix(firefox): Remove outlines from q-focus-target and button on mobile. Use targetTouches (firefox populates touches and changedTouches late). Guard re-entry in mouseStart for touch directives. (#5341)
    • fix(QTooltip): Remove the correct function (hide) on cleaning up scroll events. Add some guards and fix some cleanups (#5340)
    • fix(QInput/QSelect): Composition handling for some non-composition languages #5318
    • fix(QSelect): Possible infinite loop on search handling #5343
    • fix(QLayout): Improve behavior for containerized mode on iOS #4127 #4391

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