Error after upgrade to latest version for triggering QBtn on enter

  • I am having a log in page username and password field . When we are finished typing password and press enter , I triggered to call the click function of QBtn . It was working fine before update. Now I get the below mentioned errror.
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘defaultPrevented’ of undefined
    at (QBtn.js?9c40:48)
    at VueComponent.trigger (master.vue?4509:119)
    at keyup (master.vue?19fd:125)
    at invokeWithErrorHandling (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:1854)
    at HTMLInputElement.invoker (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:2179)
    at HTMLInputElement.original._wrapper (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:6911)
    logError @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:1888
    globalHandleError @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:1879
    handleError @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:1839
    invokeWithErrorHandling @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:1862
    invoker @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:2179
    original._wrapper @ vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:6911

    Now I have to click on the button to log in. What could be the reason?

  • In order for the user to be able to activate the @submit events on the form, create a QBtn with type set to submit

           // your form
            <q-btn label="Submit" type="submit" color="primary"/>

  • Same problem here. I had a piece of working code which has stopped working. Just to make sure, I have just updated Quasar to 1.2.5 and so on, and the error persists. In my case the <q-btn> tag has a ref="button" which is contained in a <q-tab-panel name="whatever" @keyup.enter.native="$">. Pressing the enter key was triggering the click action of the button. Now it gives the error above. Thanks.

  • $refs.button.$

  • Yes, it does work with $el. Thanks a lot!

  • For those who want to know why this is so or shed some additional light, check:

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