Quasar v1.2.2 released!

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    • feat(QChip): custom sizes (through “size” prop)
    • feat(QDate): Show months view after selecting a year from years view if the month is not set or defaultView is Years (#5283)
    • feat(align): add missing align value: “evenly” (#5284)
    • update web types to the latest spec (#5297)
    • feat(QSelect): Improve kbd navigation and document it (#5304)


    • fix(touch): Correctly detect touch-capable devices for SSR when taking over #5300
    • fix(date.extractDate): Don’t anchor extraction regex on end of string to allow partial match (#5306)
    • fix(QSelect): Do the correct refocusing on $refs.target when closing options list (#5309)
    • fix(LocalStorage/WebStorage): Plugin object methods when storage not available (name of methods were obsolete)
    • fix(ui): SSR takeover body classes correction; bulletproof Platform used throughout Quasar
    • fix(ui): Update *-hide and *-only CSS helper classes to latest specs

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