Quasarians in Action! With the Staff Pick of the Week.

  • We would like to thank all of you, our awesome Quasar community. And in a spirit of give and share we’d like to present our cherry-picked community contributions with you. One of the contributions is picked by the team as our “Pick of the Week” to honor who we felt made the best contribution (outside of the core team):

    Tomer Shalev requested a feature to clear events on clearable components

    Jeff Galbraith filed a bug on QInput file type with clearable property

    Eugene Granik requested a feature - QDate flat mode

    zknic requested new prop grid-header which allows to display header when in grid mode too

    Gordon Blahut requested to change the way how Esc is handled when QSelect is used with QDialog

    Scott Molinari posted in forum a link to a codepen how-to create a QInput, which will only take positive numbers, without validation

    Staff Pick of the Week! rconstantine posted a snippets on how-to use CASL with Quasar. CASL is an isomorphic (as in works both in Node and in the browser) authorization/ permissions system

    Scott Molinari selected Gold Nuggets which contain a lot of cool knowledge that might just surprise some of you!

    Thank you for your valuable time in making Quasar a better framework! We’ll be continuing this posting of favorites in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

    If you like this aggregation of best contributions and would even like a more direct reception of this information, or you have any other ideas for honoring contributions to Quasar, please let us know in the comments below.

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