Is there an issue using boolean values in a select in V1+?

  • If I set up options like so for a select

          - label: 'MCP 23017, 16 GPIOs'
            value: true
          - label: 'MCP 23008, 8 GPIOs'
            value: false

    and use emit-value, and map-options it works if value was initially true but once set false then component no longer emits an input event on change.

    Previous to 1.0 this worked fine only since 1.0 has it stopped functioning with boolean values.

    If I swap a string for the two values it works fine (no surprise) only when using boolean values does issue arise

    In the meantime I’ve had to resort to using a checkbox as I need boolean values output from this component.

    I am running 1.17/1.1.4

  • @dgk - Can you explain the use case, or rather the general problem you are trying to solve with QSelect?


  • As is typical it was my issue.

    I was setting the props.value incorrectly when the value was a boolean. The select is working normally now with boolean values for options

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