[SOLVED] After update to 1.2, calendar popup no longer working

  • Until I updated to the most recent quasar (1.2) this morning, this code was working fine for making my calendar selection pop up when its icon was clicked on. But now nothing happens and there is no error in the console. Anyone have a clue what might have changed?

    <q-input class="dinput" v-model="startdate" borderless dense stack-label :label="$t('startdate')" @input="showApplyButton=true;">
        <template v-slot:prepend>
            <q-icon name="event" color="grey-6" class="cursor-pointer">
                <q-date minimal v-model="startdate" mask="YYYY/MM/DD" :options="drangeOptions"/>

    attaching an input event to the q-popup-proxy fires, so I know at least that the proxy is receiving input, but my q-date will not show. 😞

  • Hi,

    This is reported on Github and is being looked into currently.

    Thanks for also reporting.


  • Fix is now available. Please upgrade.


  • Just verified, all good now!

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