"dropdown" slot

  • Hi, folks!

    I’m using a 3rd party tree component (vue-treeselect) that have to behaviour like a “lookup” select that brings up a filtered tree based on users typing.

    I’m placing the tree input inside a q-field and its all good except by the fact that the tree popdown window is being captured by the card container.

    Captura de Tela 2019-10-09 às 13.57.45.png
    I’d like, before asking for help, to suggest a “dropdown” slot on q-field that would encapsulate this kind of needs, or even a dropdown proxy in the same way that popup proxy works.

    And now I’m asking for help. Help? Help, please?


  • I highly doubt we’ll be adding a slot for a dropdown in QField.

    Why doesn’t Quasar’s own tree component work?



  • Hi!

    because the lack of keyboard support 😕

    and I need it to behave like a select component too.

    Actually I found a prop in vue-treeselect that solved my issue (appendToBody) but it would be much better if I could stick only with quasar.

  • Well, with those requirements, I would imagine it would need to be a new component. Or, a more open way to use the option slot in QSelect. It’s a very specific use case.


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