Full keyboard support

  • Hi. As it looks like we are reaching a very stable status with the V1, I would like to point what IMHO is a really big missing feature in Quasar at this moment: Keyboard support.

    I mean, broad, standard across the components, reliable and out of the box keyboard support.

    Besides the basics, the more complex components must implement keyboard support on its own custom or advanced UI features too, for example, calendars should be able to navigate through days using arrows and enter/space to select a date, trees should be fully integrated with the same keys for seamless navigation.

    By now I’m considering mix third party components like vue-treeselect just because no keyboard support is a deal breaker for my current project.

    Is there on the roadmap any plans to do such support?


  • There were posts about global and dnd support at the framework level, long ago.
    You’re absolutely right that it is a right time for a support for global behaviours like keyboard, dnd, clipboard, etc.

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