Quasar v1.1.5 released!

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    • perf(TouchPan,TouchSwipe,TouchRepeat,TouchHold): improve algorithm, reduce complexity, much faster run time
    • feat(QDate,QTime): flat/bordered/square props #5148
    • feat(QField): emit “@clear” event when using “clearable” prop and user clicks/taps on the icon (#5140)
    • feat(QEditor): allow icon overrides #5163 (#5164)
    • feat(QPopupEdit): also emit “@before-show” and “@before-hide” events (#5168)


    • fix(QSelect): Pressing ESC on a QSelect with menu open in a QDialog will also close QDialog #5143
    • fix(Loading): prevent previous show to keep being processed on a new show (#5152)
    • fix(QInput): clearable on type=“file” makes file dialog appear again for a new selection #5151

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    Good work!

    Special well done on the touch stuff - we know it was a pain!

  • when update quasar v1.0.0 to quasarv1.1.5
    webpack compile error:
    "This relative module was not found:

    • ./menu-tree.js in ./node_modules/quasar/src/components/menu/QMenu.js "
      However there is’t a file named menu-tree.js
      How to fix this

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    @nailfar Clear your cache. Delete node_modules and yarn.lock/package-lock.json then yarn/npm install again.

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