Quasar without the router

  • I wonder if it is possible to use Quasar/latest without the router?
    I put together a simple app with only one view, and had no need for the router. Problem is that with every build, Quasar treats router as a dependency and throws. I can hack around it through modifying the generator.js , but its obviously very dirty.
    I haven’t tried, but imagine that mocking the router could work. But this is also too dirty for such a simple task.

    Is there maybe a way to disable the router as a dependency?

  • Turned out that mocking is enough to cheat Quasar. It senses that something is wrong

    "export 'default' (imported as 'createRouter') was not found in 'app/src/router/index'

    …but compiles. And yes, still too dirty.

  • I agree - there should be an option to not use router.

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